Senin, 07 Desember 2015



- Do the things rigth dan do the right  things (Dr. H. Husnul Yaqin, M.Ed)

Full Definition of NOVELTY

1:  something new or unusual
2:  the quality or state of being novel :  newness
3:  a small manufactured article intended mainly for personal or household adornment —usually used in plural
4:  something (as a song or food item) that provides often fleeting amusement and is often based on a theme —often used attributively @ Prof. Dr. H. Suratno, M.Pd.

@ Dr. H. Husnul Yaqin, M.Ed
Feminism >< Masculinity
Group >< Invidual
Uncertainty (ketidakpastian) >< Certainty (kepastian)

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